The GraAll, a contraction of Gravel and All road, has been designed to offer the ideal, sporty compromise between roads and tracks.

Gravel All Road

When we created the bike, we wanted it to be extremely responsive, capable of taking part in a cyclosportive, doing a club ride at a very good pace or even capable of gravelling.

The GraAll is perfect for use with 2 pairs of wheels to enjoy its extreme versatility

The GraAll is perfect to be used with 2 pairs of wheels to take advantage of its extreme versatility (1 pair of wheels with road tyres/ 1 pair of wheels with gravel tyres).

If necessary, fitting 700 x 28, 30 or 32 tyres will enhance the GraAll’s performance on most roads and tracks.
The very aggressive geometry, coupled with the intrinsic qualities of titanium (comfort/resilience) and the tailor-made geometry, makes it possible to practice sports on all types of terrain without compromising comfort.

The frame is optimised for a 1 x (11, 12 or 13 speed) electric, mechanical or hydraulic transmission.
The GraAll is the ultimate all-round sports bike

Tests from the press :
ou-touche-a-tout )


The geometry and assembly below is only an example, you can order your own custom geometry and assembly,
Do not hesitate to contact us!



Estimated delivery time :16 Weeks

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